My entertaining trip to the trade fair

I was at anther European trade fair this week, this time in Berlin, Germany. I have not been back to Berlin for a while so it was great to be back in the city. Not much has changed but I still find it a very vibrant and entertaining place with loads to do and plenty of places to eat and drink. I also found the Berliners (is that correct?) very friendly and hospitability during my stay there and had many (too many?) and good night out.

Anyway this is the funny thing. I was there for a trade show on industrial filters (yes, I know, great eh?) but in the big exhibition centre they was also another trade show. Care to guess what it was? Nope. Sex toys of all things! Only in Europe would you have a sex toy show, I cannot imagine it going down well in the UK.

Well that’s not the actual funny thing. As the two shows where in the same building, visitors from the Sex Toy Show (STS?) would often venture across into our mundane exhibition and I’m sure some people got confused between the two. In fact I know it. Some couple from Belgium (I think) came up to me and asked me what was the best Rabbit vibrator!  (In case you are interested, its the “rotating one” according to

Again, another fruitful and entertaining show. Looking forward to next year!